What Is the Challenge?

How about a day filled with 3-8 epic obstacles, $10,308 in free raffle prizes, rockin’ music and plenty of beer? Register for the Half Marathon or 5K Challenge and run your heart out while conquering challenges along the way!

Discover what you’re made of during the Scottsdale Challenge, an adrenaline-driven, thrill-packed obstacle race on a stunning course in Scottsdale. Not only will you race through a 5K or Half Marathon course, but you’ll overcome physical, mental and agility challenges along the way! Both the 3.1 and 13.1-mile courses include running on paved roads and hard-packed dirt. 8 obstacles in your Half Marathon Challenge and 3 obstacles in your 5K Challenge include jumps, crawls, push up stations and more.

Your Scottsdale Challenge is a new type of obstacle course that will push you in ways you’ve never been pushed before, all while having fun. Test your strength and push your body and mind to their limit.